First Aid/CPR training

Being prepared should an accident occur is always important. One way we prepare to be able to handle an is by taking a day for our crew to go through a CPR and First Aid training and certification class. Our latest class was held at our shop in Paso Robles. We were shown various practices[…]

Safety Training

Safety is at the center of everything we do. We have meetings weekly to talk and train on various safety areas. Periodically we clear our calendar to devote a full day to safety training. This time around we focused on working safely with various pieces of equipment, and roping practices.

Young Job

This client had a pine tree problem, a lot of the pines were falling causing damage to his yard, fence, home, as well as his neighbor’s property, and others had died still looming over the home. During the heavy rain in the winter time the soil became extremely saturated causing the trees to uproot. After[…]