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WHIt's turn tree care services

emergency services

We're here to help you when you need us! 24 hour services available in the event you have an emergency. Please call or text 805-458-5368 during non business hours for assistance

tree maintenance

From structure pruning young Oak trees to safety pruning mature Oaks, Whit's Turn Tree Care provides the highest standards, care and detail of your trees

tree removal

From small removals in open spaces to large, extensive removals in and around buildings or over your valued investments, our state of the art equipment and skilled crews can get your job done safety and correctly

land clearing/fire protection

Our crews and equipment are capable of removing unwanted trees, underbrush, sage and even poison oak! We can help you clean up your land for aesthetics, development or fire safety & prevention

stump grinding

Stump grind stumps that could be potential tripping hazard, cause damage to fencing or cemented areas or simply to be able to replant something in the same spot

arborist consulting

We're able to provide reports and letters written by a certified arborist for your specific project



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